Putting the fun back into First Person Shooters


  • Looks great
  • Funny
  • Great focus on combos and playing creatively


  • Sometimes crude

Very good

Bulletstorm is a futuristic first person shooter (FPS) that aims to put the fun back the genre, with an emphasis on over the top action that keeps well away from reality!

With a plot your could write on the back of a postage stamp, Bulletstorm sees you on a planet fighting mutants...who cares why! Instead hard hitting drama or the controversy that Modern Combat tries to create, this is a game that's all about action and fun. Be aware this is fun for adults - it's full of swearing and some very creative violence.

Like Duke Nukem, as well as shooting, Bulletstorm gives you a powerful kick you can use to launch enemies into the air before filling them with lead. There is also an electric whip so you can drag enemies towards you for more unusual kills. The weapons available look like great fun, and you'll probably need them to fight some absolutely enormous end of level bosses. Messy, combo-driven shooting seems to be Bulletstorm's reason for existence, and this demo proves to be a funny, exciting and visceral experience.

With an emphasis on old school values of arcade high scores and OTT fun, Bulletstorm is arriving at just the right time. Download the demo now and find out for yourself!

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